Ltd. "Tehfom" is a company specialized in developing and implementing innovative energy saving technologies for the production of building materials.


At the present time, the organization is developing dynamically. "Tehfom" company has at its disposal department of scientific research, production workshops. Number of employees is constantly growing.

Our scientists have developed a nonflammable, heat-sound-proof, vapor permeable, solid, environmentally friendly building material "Tehfom". This material is our pride, its convenience, environmental protection, fire safety was assessed during the construction and insulation of buildings. "Tehfom" material is produced from domestic raw materials with the help of own production facilities.

"Tehfom" company is taking intensive steps to optimize its costs and business processes. "Tehnofom" is constantly working on the quality of relationships with consumers.

"Tehfom" company does not cease to invest in the expansion of high-performance production base and pays attention to creating a distribution network. Logistic business processes and operations are improved in "Tehfom" company (in the first place, warehouse logistics) for a more effective and quality fulfillment of supply products to the customer . One of the most important factor of success and competitiveness of the organization is the quality of products. Product of high quality is an important question for "Tehfom" company.