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"Tehfom" is an innovative, heat-sound-proof flame retardant material, superior in its characteristics the analogues. The base of "Tehfom" is liquid sodium glass. The product is got by cold foaming and molding at the atmospheric pressure. A structure of the material is finely porous, it provides a low thermal conductivity of the product. Part of the open pores easily pass a steam and reduce noise levels. The combination of fire safety, high thermal insulation efficiency and sufficient mechanical strength ensures a broad perspective of this new heat insulation in industrial and residential construction. Slab of material is used as a thermal and acoustic insulator in the construction of walls, floors, ceilings, attics, roofs, basements, hot water and steam boilers, refrigeration chambers, internal communications and the buildings, etc. The material is environmentally friendly, does not cause allergies, not burn or support combustion. The products of Tehfom are not interested for fungus , mold, rodents. The material is not destroyed by ultraviolet light, it is neutral to acid and alkali.




Density, kg/m3




Thermal conductivity at 25 ± 5°С, W / (m • K)




Compressive strengthkPa (kg/cm2)







Flexural strength,kPa / kg/cm2







Index of airborne sound insulation, dB




Coefficient of permeability, mg/ (mh) Pa 0,55

Combustibility group

NG (fireproof)

Operating temperature range,°С

от -60 до +350*

Vicat softening under a load of 10N, at least °С


Lifetime (at temperatures ranging from -60°С to +70°С)

over 100 years

Standard sizes, mm

600 х 800,

Thickness from 30 to 250

* After further processing of products from Tehfom by the reagents and then drying, the temperature range of operation can be grow to 7500С


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  • Tehfom material has three standard densities of 140, 160 and 180 kg/m3. We can do more and less dense.
  • Products from Tehfom come in the form of plates of width 600, length 800 mm, any thickness ranging from 30 to 250 mm.
  • Durability and heat resistance of Tehfom is that without changing any of the properties and dimensions of the plate it can be passed through a brick kiln (the cycle - two days from + 25 to +960 ° C).
  • Mechanical strength of Tehfom can use it as a structural (non-bearing) material.
  • Even on wet surfaces of Tehfom mildew and other fungal formation is not growing.
  • Divider, made from 100 mm plate of Tehfom P = 120kg/m3, planted between two 10 mm gypsum boards has an index of airborne sound insulation 51 dB.
  • Fire-retardant efficiency of products from Tehfom is that when heated from one side surface of the slab 100 mm to 750 ° C for 3 hours the temperature on the other side is less than 100 ° C.
  • Products from Tehfom have a record coefficient of permeability 0.55 mg / (m • h) among solid thermal insulation. Tehfom is a "breathable" material.
  • To effectively use the properties of the material, its products must be protected from direct exposure of precipitation.



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"Tehfom" material has all certificates which confirm the consumer qualities of fire-retardant heat-sound-proofing material.

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