The nomenclature of standard products manufactured from a material TEHFOM


Why Tehfom?

Tehfom is a new word in the heat-sound technologies. Our patented material has a unique set of properties, which gives him a lot of competitive advantages. Tehfom has a very wide range of applications. Easy installation and handling of products made of a material gives an excellent economic effect. You will be comfortable and profitable to work with our material.

Why Tehfom is better than…?

  • A combination of fire safety, high thermal insulation efficiency, sufficient mechanical strength ensures a broad perspective of this new heat insulation in industrial and civil construction.
  • Product made from it does not burn, and when the temperature rises to 1100 ° C starts melting without emitting smoke and noxious (hazardous) substances for human life.
  • The products of Tehfom are not interested for fungus , mold, rodents. The material is not destroyed by ultraviolet light, it is neutral to acid and alkali.
  • When the construction is getting wet and then is getting dry, the product of Tehfom is not change their characteristics and form. Even freezing, water does not destroy the material.
  • Products from the "Tehfom" material can be easily processed by conventional carpentry tools, tightly bonded with mastic "Tehfom" that allows you to work without waste. Fine crumb can be used as insulated filling in the gap for the preparation of designs or mastic.
  • "Tehfom" facades do not require permanent anchoring. "Tehfom" products firmly glued to construction materials (brick, concrete, wood, glass, plastic, galvanized tin, tiles and many other materials.) by mastic "Tehfom".
  • Any material for finishing (various putty, plaster, paint) easily applied and firmly held on the construction of "Tehfom".
  • "Tehfom" desired thickness is placed on the surface of the floor between joists. Cement screed can be done directly on the surface of the material. After preparatory work, the floor materials are mounted.
  • Rolled roofing materials can be sticked to the plate treated with bitumen mastic "Tehfom." This excludes "wet" processes for laying cement screed that makes it possible to work on the roof at any time of year.
  • "Tehfom" material was used for thermal insulation of ceilings, floors, walls and partitions at military facilities, medical facilities and housing construction. Plates from "Tehfom" was used for thermal insulation of the roofs in the workshops with special requirements for fire protection in cities of the Urals region. Material received good reviews from customers.



  • Apartment (high rise and low rise)
  • Ways to evacuate people
  • Ventilated Facades
  • Insulation of pipelines
  • Thermal insulation of steam lines
  • Boiler brickwork
  • Refrigeration
  • Rail
  • Production of doors
  • Production of anti-noise panels (road and street)
  • Manufacture of building cabins, huts (filling foam and filling of granules)
  • Production of 3- ply panels
  • Production of reinforced panels


Thermal insulation and strength characteristics of Tehfom allow a very wide application in various industries. In thermal Engeneering Tehfom can replace fireclay bricks used for masonry hot water and steam boilers, significantly reducing costs.


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